GS Integrale - off road electric scooter 2000W, 2 motors

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Zibos Design

Electric competition scooter 2000w dual motors, INTEGRALE

!! CAUTION !! Competition product intended for use on closed circuits

Lithium battery 52V 20.8Ah

Battery power 1081.6 Wh

2000W motor power (double 1000W motor)

Weight about 30Kg

Speed change 20-35-50 Km / h

Maximum speed 50-60 Km / h

50-60km on the plains

Charging time 6-7 h (3-4 h for double charge)

Climbing uphill 30-40 degrees

Maximum capacity 150Kg

Front and rear mechanical disc brake

Display with USB port

10 "Preumatic

Aluminum frame



The advantages of buying an electric scooter

It is a sustainable vehicle that allows you to move independently

Foldable and lightweight models that transport easily

What are the advantages of opting for an electric scooter?

There are multiple benefits in the use of this means of transport.

• Easy to transport. On the market there are folding models that are extremely light and, therefore, easy to carry. There are extremely light and foldable scooters on the market, very easy to carry. Abso urban electric scooter, 350W falls into this category. If you often travel by bus or subway, but still have to walk a bit to get to the office or place where you study and want to use an electric scooter, this is the ideal solution for you. Abso urban electric scooter, 350W you can easily fold and transport it with one hand.

• It is a sustainable vehicle, which allows you to move without polluting as there are zero harmful emissions. In fact, it represents an excellent solution for ecological mobility.

• You can move independently, even in areas that are not covered by public transport. In addition to this great freedom, it allows you to save time in long and boring waits at the metro or bus stop. If you are late and find the bus stop crowded, you can easily reach your destination with the electric scooter.

• It is simple to drive. If you don't feel safe, just do a little practice to maintain balance. Once you have become confident, you can move with your electric scooter through the streets of the city in an easy and carefree way.

The factors that determine the choice for the purchase of a quality scooter

Depending on your needs and requirements, there are different characteristics

In choosing the best electric scooter on the market, several factors affect.

          The power. Depending on the use you have to make of it, you can buy the electric scooter that's right for you. If you have to go to work or to university, we recommend Abso 350W urban electric scooter, ideal for getting around the city. If you love racing, you can choose between two models: GS off road electric scooter 2000W with two motors and the Skate, 800W stunt electric scooter.

• Homologation. Electric scooters must be CE approved, i.e. in compliance with current regulations.

• Budget. Based on your needs, decide on a budget. The prices of electric scooters depend on both the model and its characteristics.

• Lightness and portability are two other fundamental characteristics that a good electric scooter must have. If you need to take your electric scooter on public transport, our models are ideal: they do not have a saddle, so they are light and space-saving.

          Battery life. It is very important to always have the battery charged, to avoid nasty surprises. For carefree travel, remember to always check the charge level of your electric scooter. If you plan to travel long distances, you can request a second battery from us, to use as needed.

So when choosing the best electric scooter you have to evaluate these characteristics to make a right and conscious choice.

Abso urban electric scooter: ideal for everyday use

Lightweight, it folds easily and can be carried with just one hand

Our Abso electric urban scooter model is an electric city scooter for everyday use. The device has a lithium battery and the charging time is 4/5 hours. The motor power is 350W. The front suspension is on a single shock absorber and the rear brake is a mechanical disc. The tires are 8.5 "and the frame is in aluminum. The maximum speed is 25 Km / h, it has a gearbox. The distance on the flat is 20/25 km. The maximum load is 125 Kg.

The device has 4 LEDs in the control panel to indicate the charge level. While you are using the Electric scooter, the status indicators light up to show battery consumption. As the battery wears out, the LEDs flash and go out one after the other. When:

• all 4 LEDs are on, the battery level is 100% -86%;

• 3 LEDs are on and one is flashing, the battery charge level is 85% -71%. At this point, all the charge level lights start flashing and do not come on.

It is a very light type of electric scooter, weighing about 12 kg: it can be folded and transported with one hand.

GS off road electric scooter: competition scooter

Ecological high-tech product, with an aerodynamic appearance

Another device from Zibos Design is the GS off road electric scooter. It is a folding electric competition scooter. The electric scooter It can only be used on a closed circuit due to the high power. It was designed as an ecological high-tech product. During transport it has excellent shock absorption. Its appearance is aerodynamic, it has good portability and flexibility. Driving comfort is also good, it has a high level of safety and reliability.

The device has a lithium battery and the charging time is 6/7 hours. The motor power is 2000W, dual motors. The front and rear brake is a mechanical disc, the uphill climb is 30/40 degrees and has a display with USB port. The tires are 10 "and the frame is in aluminum. The maximum speed is 50/60 Km / h. The distance on the plain is 50/60 km. The maximum capacity is 125 Kg. The weight of the device is about 30 Kg.

Skate, 800W electric stunt scooter: competition stunt scooter

Folding electric speed scooter, intended for use on closed circuits

Skate, 800W stunt electric scooter is another of our competition models. It is a folding electric speed scooter, which should only be used on closed circuit due to the high power.

The device has a lithium battery and the charging time is 4/5 hours. The motor power is 800 w single motor .. The rear brake is a mechanical disc, the uphill climb is 20/25 degrees and has a display with USB port. The front and rear suspension is located on a double-arm fork. The tires are 10 "and the frame is in aluminum. The maximum speed is 40 Km / h. The distance on the flat is 30/35 km. The maximum capacity is 130 Kg. The weight of the device is about 22 Kg.


Revolution of the way to travel and move

Healthy and eco-sustainable transport

Zibos Design vehicles have been designed to respond to what is becoming a very strong need: to revolutionize the way people move and travel, especially in the city. Electric urban city vehicles make it possible to contribute to the choice of eco-sustainable and at the same time healthy transport.

Electric scooters, in fact, are part of those solutions designed to create beneficial mobility for both the environment and people. Sustainable mobility, in fact, is an ideal system in which transport is designed to reduce the environmental impact of the sector. At the same time, however, the movements are more efficient and faster.

The models created by our creatives are performing and the prices of electric scooters are reasonable, depending on the price range chosen and the customer's needs. Even the style adapts to the needs of customers: classic and elegant style. You can choose your electric scooter to experience your city in style, without sacrificing level design!


Electric scooters with an elegant and slim design

Easy transport and closing, thanks to the aluminum frame

Both the Urban Life scooter and the two ZD Corse scooters look like scooters without motor, with an elegant and slim design. In fact, the battery was inserted into the driving wheel of the vehicle. The handlebar also has a sober style: the two grips are coated with rubber and are very thin. This way they are easy and smooth to grip. All models are made with an aluminum frame. This material was chosen for multiple reasons. It is a light material, but at the same time extremely resistant: the weight of our electric scooters varies from 12 kg to 30 kg. Furthermore, aluminum has the ability to resist atmospheric corrosion.

Another key feature is the folding frame. This allows for easier transport of the electric scooter. Furthermore, this peculiarity allows you to store it in tight spaces and easily reopen it when needed.


Useful tips for cleaning the electric scooter

Store in a cool, dry place when not in use

Cleaning the electric scooter is extremely easy and economical. If there are any stains, you can use toothpaste and a toothbrush to clean the Electric scooter. Afterwards, just wipe with a soft, damp cloth and the vehicle is clean and shiny.

If you find scratches, you can use sandpaper or other abrasive materials in the scratched parts to polish the affected areas.

Very important. You must not in any way use alcohol, gasoline, kerosene or other corrosive solutions, volatile chemical solvents to clean the vehicle. You could cause very serious damage to the electric scooter.

Being an electric vehicle, you do not have to wash the electric scooter under strong water pressure when it is on. You have to turn it off first. If you have just charged the vehicle, you need to put the cap back into the charging connector. Otherwise you risk an electric shock or the device could have serious water damage.

When you are not using the scooter, park it in a cool and dry place. Never leave it on the street for too long and, above all, never leave it in the sun: temperatures that are too high or too low can cause rapid aging of the external parts and reduce battery life.


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