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ZIBOS style and trends at the service of the consumer

Wincenzo & Partners Srl, deals with the distribution, import, export, retail and wholesale, of items designed by ZIBOS GESIGN in a transversal assortment among which we find items for babies and children, e-motion, garden furniture, home products, fashion accessories. The web project starts with the exclusive European distribution of the lines.

The company headquarters are in Milan while operations and logistics are organized in outsourcing with a leading company that guarantees the shipment of even a single package in a very short time at traceable conditions.

The corporate property is Asian, a holding made up of trading companies and manufacturers, the same ones that produce the items we distribute. The group's goal is to create a direct outlet channel on the European market at very competitive prices with a young and cheerful design, good product quality with high quality standards, at favorable conditions, assigning distribution territoriality, offering high margins to operators commercial, without investing in the warehouse (we do it for them).

The distribution operations are entirely online for the consumer and for the retailer, the latter after registering will receive the conversion of the account and will be able to see the prices reserved for distribution. The recommended retail prices are those displayed on our platform.

The retailer has the autonomy to register, enter his / her company data, fill in orders, view existence, download his / her invoices, manage vouchers, return discounts and rebates. The retailer is authorized to pay independently, on demand, by bank transfer, Paypal or cash on delivery, then the data flow will be sent to the logistics for the preparation and delivery of the goods; the shipping number will allow the customer to monitor the status of the same and interact with the shipper in case of need.

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The information and advertising campaign is online organized by our press office through Google activities and social networks.

The line is entirely designed and conceived in Italy by a team of brilliant designers, stylists and experts in fashion and trends; the EFFELLEDESIGN team works hard to offer the best stylistic solutions with the most innovative techniques, focusing attention on comfort for the newborn and practicality for the parents.