Nerone beak, 100% cot mask, 3 plies, intensive use

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100% cotton mask, intensive use


Nerone beak, 100% cot mask, 3 plies, intensive use, breathable cotton, does not sweat. Ideal for operators forced to wear the mask for several hours a day. Washable.

Produced in compliance with art. 16 c.2 of the legislative decree 18 of 03/17/2020,

circ. of the ministry of health n. 3572 of 18/03/2020, see the min. of the interiors of 03/20/20


Masks with different degrees of protection.
The duration of the mask depends on its use.
Characteristics of the various protection classes of the antivirus mask.
Since the Covid 19 pandemic began, there has been talk of the importance of wearing a protective mask for the respiratory tract. The mask with filters is the most suitable against viruses, including Covid 19. The mask with filters is disposable and there are three types:

    mask with ffp1 filters, which filters at least 80% of the particles in the air;
    mask with ffp2 filters, which captures 94% of the particles found in the air;
    mask with ffp3 filters, which manages to filter 99% of the particles found in the air. Furthermore, the ffp3 antivirus mask is able to purify toxic, carcinogenic and radioactive particles.

The mask with filters, therefore, has various degrees of protection that define the level of protection. In addition to the mask with filters, on the market you can also find the surgical mask, which protects others from the secretions of the wearer and not vice versa. The mask with filters, on the other hand with the due differences, acts in the opposite way: it protects those who wear it from dangerous external agents, viruses and more. On the market you can choose between:

    simple mask, which is not designed for sanitary use but only for hygienic use. It must not have the CE marking;
    surgical mask, which is used for medical use. It has a rectangular shape, with three layers of pleated non-woven fabric and is worn on the face thanks to a nose pad, elastics or laces. It must have the CE mark;
    mask with filters, also defined as filtering as it blocks the passage of very small particles. Those who use the mask with filters avoid inhaling these particles. This device, in fact, blocks dangerous fumes, aerosols infected with viruses, fibers and dust. It must necessarily have the CE marking and the four-digit code that identifies the notifying body. For example the pharmacy ffp2 mask.

How long does the mask last? It depends on the use, it can vary from a minimum of three hours to a maximum of eight hours. The manufacturer must indicate this in the package. In general, the cheaper masks have a shorter duration of protection.
It is reusable, ecological and economical.
It can also be made at home.

This type of mask with filters has limited protection, but is sufficient for contexts of community life. You still need to keep social distance and wash your hands often when wearing the washable filter mask. It is made of fabric and is:


The washable mask with filter can also be made at home, but it must have at least three layers and must cover the nose and mouth well. You can use cotton: the washable cotton mask has multiple advantages, the most important is that the washable anti-virus mask can be reused, making it more ecological and cheaper than the disposable one. According to some tests conducted in the United States on the main fabrics in common use, the washable cotton mask has a valid filtration potential. Making the washable antivirus mask with a tightly woven cotton fabric is the most suitable choice for the mask with filters, the important thing is to overlap two / three layers of material. When making this type of mask with filters, do not use light fabrics, such as gauze or loosely woven linen. The respiratory protective mask must adhere perfectly to the sides, otherwise it loses its effectiveness.

Lightweight, comfortable and elegant masks.
They guarantee comfort and lightness.

At the classic surgical mask, you can choose a colored mask. Among the proposals of the shops and the internet you can find various solutions of colored mask: single-color, multi-colored, with drawings, with floral ornaments. Many models to have a stylish mask!

With the arrival of summer wearing a mask with filters all day is uncomfortable, especially for those with glasses! It is possible to wear a summer mask, a light mask that avoids sweating. The summer mask, in fact, is more breathable and can be worn during the summer months. The ffp3 antivirus mask and the ffp2 pharmacy mask are uncomfortable to wear, especially at the seaside. We must orient ourselves towards

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